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Happy Dragon Boat Festival in lovely May day

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Flowers compete for beauty, while Zongzi compete for freshness ; a verse describing ancient Chinese eating fresh Zongzi and enjoys flower blossom during the Dragon Boat Festival.

Again it is the time in the year which Zongzi is prepare for the festival.

Dragon Boat Festival is a historical traditional festival of the Chinese, which serve as our memorial and respect to our ancestors.

In the eve of Dragon Boat Festival, GuangDong lff technology company has organised a Zongzi making competition for employees.

People show off their Zongzi making skills in this fun event and taste the Zongzi they have made.  Meanwhile they learn the culture and history of Dragon boat festival, feel and inherits the culture of traditional Chinese.

We invited the local famous and historical JuCheng Hotel’s dim sum chef to train and prepare the employees for the competition.

Through fierce and enjoyable competition, lot of Zongzi full of love is made.

Come and collect your Dragon Boat Festival gift, lff’s friends!